Situated on a classic long and narrow Chicago lot, this masonry single family home was extended toward the back to add space for a growing family. With a toddler a-foot and twin boys on the way, the clients sought to increase the size of their kitchen and create a spacious informal family room connected to the backyard. There was also a need for a mudroom and additional space in master bedroom on the second floor.

This two story addition cleverly accommodates the necessary space within the constraints of the tight site. A one story cedar clad volume extends west to house the family room and mud room. The floor level is dropped to provide a more gracious ceiling height in the family room and enhance the connection with the backyard grade level. An exterior deck provides space for grilling while a wide stair with integrated planting and seating further mediates between the exterior grade level and the living room.

Typology Residential
size 1,000 SF
location Chicago, IL
status Completed
date 2017


Architect Level Architecture Incorporated
Contractor McBride Housewrights
Client Greg and Shannon Buth
Photography Chris Nigro, Michael Wilkinson