Adam Breaux

Project designer

Adam Breaux is a Project Designer responsible for design, documentation, and research of façade systems and code requirements. With a background in designing  projects on challenging lots with zoning challenges, he brings to Level a sense of design rigor, fabrication curiosity, and a critical view of the cityscape. Adam believes that informed and site-specific design has the power to shape urban fabric and public space while nurturing a sense of community.

Prior to joining Level in 2018, Adam worked for several years in New Orleans before spending 3.5 years at an award-winning boutique design firm known for its contemporary-meets-tropical design and environmental sensibility. He gained experience developing and conceptualizing projects of many different uses and scales, from single family homes to retail and multi-use buildings, to a 40-story hotel tower. Working closely with clients and the principal to design and manage projects from concept to design development, he became adept at developing and detailing custom façade systems and navigating the challenges of zoning and design approvals in Miami and Miami Beach.

Adam received a Master of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Adam enjoys architectural theory and teaching. He participated as an adviser and compiled a class text for ULL’s Study Abroad Florence: Renaissance Architecture and Urban Form. He is a published amateur photographer and spends off time playing soccer and exploring outdoors on his bike and kayak.