I-NOMA's Project Pipeline Summer Camp

Aug 06, 2019

Congratulations to I-NOMA on the success of the 2019 Project Pipeline Summer Camp! We are honored to see employees volunteer at the 5th annual Summer Camp, orchestrated by the Illinois chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects. The Project Pipeline program brings architecture and design to young students whose exposure to design may be limited and who therefore may not consider it to be a potential path for them. Seeking to address the representation disparity of minority architects, the Summer Camp is an opportunity to reach the minds of students early in the growth of their creative pursuits, and introduces them to I-NOMA as a resource from middle school all the way to licensure.

About 130 young creative minds participated in this year's summer camp. I-NOMA's curriculum had the understanding of scale as a central theme of the 5-day camp, walking students through the challenges and lessons of Personal Space, Neighborhood Space, and City Space. Students analyzed the needs of a neighborhood using their own experiences, proposed building types that would improve communities, and built their own models. The camp also included a field trip to Willis Tower before the students designed and built their own skyscraper models.

To learn more about the amazing mission of I-NOMA's Project Pipeline Summer Camp, or to get involved or support I-NOMA, visit www.i-noma.org.